The China Doll
Quality Porcelain Dolls & Miniatures
By Connie M. Sauve
IGMA Fellow

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I just wanted to say I too have a yorkie, a male and I rarely see one that is as cute as he is but molly truely is a pretty yorkie, how much does she weigh? My Lima is kinda big but its all muscle! Hes very handsome...we always say he should be a model.... have you considered breeding? anyway you have my number......

nicole <>
whittier, calf

I've just started on my first project-a general store.I was so surprised to happen on your site and see your beautiful, detailed work. Thanks for the inspiration!

Samm Olsen <>
Navarre, FL.

This is a wonderful site. Thank you!

cjc v/d dungen <>
the Netherlands

my mom and i liked all your dollhouses you have done they are all very nice

shelly <>
hartford vermont

been to store several times and enjoy store and site greatly, you are very talented , thanks for teaching us some clay working , will start on egg cartons stone work now.

dan & suzanne <>

Nice site, thanks....


Hi Connie - not only are your dolls absolutely gorgeous, everything you have done is wonderful and first rate! Thanks for all the great tutorials, I especially love the bird house shop!

Dayna <>
Arvada Colorado

You have been blessed by talent - your dolls are the most beautiful I Have ever seen - I wish I had loads of money and I would Purchase all of them - Thank you for your website -enjoyed it very much - all I can do is dream - continue your beautiful work.

Donna Cote <>

hi ur site is sooooooooooooooooooooooo coolllllllllllll i loved it and all its victorian stuff it really helped me with school work thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bugsbunny <becky>

Hie! My name is sonia I'm a french girl, I am 19, I found this site and I would like to say that your dolls are very cute! I made a "blog" and I let put a link to you for french girls can see your dolls. see you soon

sonia <>

What beautiful dolls! I just recently began really looking into the mini collecting - my grandmother in Florida got me hooked (she has a dollhouse of her own). I just wanted to complement you on your beautiful craftsmanship! Something I wish I could learn some day. Thank you for sharing your gift. Also I was sooo happy to see your Japanese style dolls - do you know how hard they are to come by!??? I have been looking for that size and quality for MONTHS! I have an Asian Tea Room I want to do and have been looking for a traditional doll to set inside. Beautiful! I have you bookmarked and will definately keep you in mind. Thanks again. - Christine Smith

Christine Smith <>
East Berlin, PA

This is a very interesting website, I have added it in my favourites. :-) .

your deligtful roomboxes have a great charm.. a big cheer for your website

claude <>
strasbourg (france)

Your room box with the miniature doll house is fantastic you must have great patience an eye for detail & a steady hand. I am just starting in the miniature world & love to see the great ideas people have. Wonderful site!!!

pam hulsman <>
logan lake

Thank you so much for the very clear tutorial on bricks and flagstone. What a treat!

Nancy in Renton
Renton WA

I like all your work your good and I like your dog I learn a lot from your web thank you and keep up the good work I'll come back to see your other mimi's

Antoinette <>
San Diego

congratulations ! l love all what i saw, in particular the daddy's little workshop !! I will come back soon. Laurence

laurence <>

We have created my things, you and I, Sometimes we were doing almost the impossible, but they turned out just great. You do great work. Now that you also have turned miniature bowls and boxes should add to your great collection - Dad

Maurice A Sauve <msauve1@cox. net>
Green Valley, AZ & St Cloud, MN

Your work is beautiful. Your brick technics are wonderful. I would love to be able to make a chair like the plaid chair in Christmas Tea. Do you have directions?

Rena Allen <>
Rock Island, IL 61201

Your work is beautiful. Your brick technics are wonderful. I would love to be able to make a chair like the plaid chair in Christmas Tea. Eo you have directions?

Rena Allen <>
Rock Island, IL 61201

Connie -- It's been a treat viewing your website -- It's GREAT!! I've purchased three of your dolls through Daisy's Dollhouse Miniatures & they are the FINEST of my extensive miniature doll collection!!! Keep up the SUPERB work on both your dolls & your website!!! :)

Leah < >
Ft Walton Beach, FL

wauuuw ,you're site and the things you make are fab!! i am using your bricklaying trick for the pub i am making for my dh greetings conny

conny <>

Realy nice site!Greetings from germany!Team Have a good time.

Sandra <>

I think your work is absolutely great! I loved the birdhouse.

Kitty <>
Watsontown, PA

I love the workshop and the old tools I wonder did you make them? I make my tools but they don't look as good as yours. Keith

keith walker <>

I love your dolls!! fantastic! I will come back ofen!

mary <>
greenville ill

I got to your site by mistake, but then I couldn't leave, I had to check all the little boxes you made. congratulations, this is great!

Anna <>
Budapest, Hungary

A friend of mine told me about your site so I checked it out. Cliff..........

Cliff Feltrope <>
Eureka Springs Arkansas

Hi was just looking at your wonderful site. The dolls are fantastic and so is all your other projects your are very talented good luck and God bless Gene GSOLFOT

Gene Fisk <>
Olney, Il

Greetings from British Columbia... I am very impressed by your dolls and love your way of displaying all your collections. You are obviously very talented. I wish you much luck and happiness.

Raylene Sutton <>
Langley, B. C. Canada

I looked at your projects and tutorials and then just had to wander a bit through your wonderful site. Just love looking at all the shadowboxes and all of the fantastic things in them - I think it will take a very long time to see it all but I will definitely be back! Jacqui, Minister of MUCH Disorganization, Goddess of Chaos, GSOLFOT

Jacqui Marlin <>
Kurtistown, HI

Your miniatures are great a your site is easy to get around. Thank you for sharing you beautiful egg carton art with us. That will solve a problem with a floor I have been debating on.

Betty GSOLFOT <>

Your dolls are awesome, and I've coveted them since the first day I discovered your website. The miniature flagstone and brick are brilliant too. Thank you for sharing your talents with us! Beabe - Official Queen of Fruit Tarts and Fallen Muffins ABC P.I. Office #5, GSOLFOT


I really did enjoy your home in cyberspace Ilove working with miniatures. You have worked very hard and I must say you have a touch for details. Please visit my website

Lucille <>

Just loved all your work. Spent ages looking, you are very talented, I really enjoyed spending time looking at everything, loved the site.

Annie Cook <>
Chichester, England

Love your site! My favorite is what people did with your dolls... the snowball scene! And your Secret Garden is wonderful! Wow. I would like to know the scale on some of these dolls. I can't seem to find it. Thanks

Easton, MD

Always a great inspirations, love your dolls!!!

Gisele <>

Hello, I just want to say how beautiful your birdhouse shop is, and wondered what scale it would be classed under, you are very talented and this was a joy to look at. Best Wishes. Renee Smith.

Renee Smith <>
Morecambe England UK

Hi I enjoyed this sight so much. The dolls are wonderful. wish I could still do them but, do to a very bad heart I can't lift on the molds anymore thus minis. The house is fantastic. Gene GSOLFOT

Gene Fisk <>

Hi Connie!, I had a wonderful time seeing your dolls and miniatures. They're greatest. I'm from Spain and I'm very fond of miniatures since my childhood. Now, I'm 40 and started to built my dollshouse with my brother in low's help. It's the most fantastic experience I've never had and I'm very proud of it. But I'm only a green.So I'm impressed with your fantastic job, it's really good. I found out this site in a nice magazine from my country called "Miniaturas". I hope you continue making so cute and excellent pieces. Greatings from Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Isabel

Isabel Forján <>
Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

it's fabulous, wonderfulle!!! all your dolls looks real!!!! they are fantastic!!!!!!!


Connie, I haven't nearly finished browsing your site far everything is fantastic,,,but the Rocking Zebra that you carved and painted takes my breath away. It is so wonderful. Now....back to browsing. Fannye

Fannye <>
Lubbock, TX

WOW...WOW!!! We love your dolls! You are def. the best artist out there. We have been collecting miniatures and miniature dolls for a very long time and you remain at the top of the list. It all started with the purchase of Victoria Anne and the custom father doll you made for us and now...well we think we may be the death of you with our recent order! Keep up the amazing work! Your extremely devoted fans, Deb and Meg

Deborah and Meg Parker <>
Traverse City, Michigan USA

Hi Connie,I Really enjoyed viewing your site.You have so many lovely and beautiful dolls to look at.Your brick tutorial was very nice also I'd like to try something like it one day.All your projects are gorgeous keep up the good work!Mini Hugs, LaTise

LaTise <>

Hi Connie, You know I have always loved your dolls and your roomboxes, they are just the best! Love the secret garden and the brick tutorial too! fabulous work on everything! Keep up the great work!

Leilani <>

I just love your "For The Birds" shop. Through the years I've acquired so many cute birdhouse items but not sure of a way to display them until now. One more item on my "to do list". :)

chandra <>
Saginaw, MI

I got on your site from a link from yahoo roombox group. You are very talented and do excellent work. I love your stuff. Chrissy from Minnesota

Chrissy Johnson <>

Aloha Connie, I am so enthralled with your work.I love how you put so many things together and make them all become works of art.The dolls are wonderful and I have spent way too much time sitting here looking at your website! I have put you at the top of my favorites list and will visit you often.Thank you for sharing with all of us.Norieta

norieta Kawewehi <>
Ewa Hawaii

Connie, What can I say. You are just unbelievable. I simply loved everything. If you ever come to England (PLEASE) I will be in everything you do. Just beautiful. Will be back. mini hugs Pam (from Bacup)

Pam Burns <>
Bacup, Lancs. England.

Dear Connie, I have spent several hours looking at your work and could spend hours more! I love the progressive photos which we all should be taking of our projects. It helped to see how the miniature houses and roomboxes were done. I'm amazed at the detail and the wonderfully expressive dolls you've made. Molly touched my heart, and Niki showed why I don't have a kitty. Thanks for a wonderful trip into fantasy land. See you on Stuff_Small Digest. Donna Blackman.

Donna Blackman <>
St. Joseph, Missouri

Connie, I love your secret garden and, really, all your projects. Fabulous! Your dolls are beautiful. Great work!

Mary Freeman <uspat@attdotnet>
Long Beach, MS

I have just spent the whole day looking at your web site. It's an inspiration. I've always loved miniatures, but just in the past couple of months decided to do something about them. I can't afford your dolls yet, but who knows about tomorrow. I loved the expressions on all the dolls. And your projects ard all so wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us. Laurie

Laurie Gunby <>
Pinon Hills, CA

Hi, thanks for the email about web hosts , I have checked out your web site and it is great and your work is superb. "daddys workshop is impressive to say the least. I am a carpenter too! and I am building my daughter her first dollhouse (entirely from scratch even windows double hung that opoen and 6 raised panel doors detailed on both sides. I have taken no classes ever I am self taught at everything I do. when I begin my site I will let you know so you can see it. bye

marty makarick <>
fort edward

I have just spent 2 hours in visiting this fabulous site ! Your achievements are superb and I admire your dexterity. I'm a beginner in the immense world of miniatures and made some roomboxes not as elaborate as yours, but I'm pretty proud of them and more particularly of my painted pieces of furniture. If you have a little time to lose, you can visit my little site at this address : Thank you again for showing all your photos on a site. Bye.

Martina <>
Stiring-Wendel FRANCE

I realy enjoy your website. All your creations where very beautiful! I loved the hat boxes you made, and the christmas box, (the one where santa has a sleepy day ;) is fantastic!! I come back later, to see if you make more beautiful things....tnx for sharing with us!! with love, mieraja

mieraja <>
the netherlands

Hi Connie,once again I was on your website.You know I love your dolls,but today I saw Molly and I think,this is the greatest you have ever presented :-)))! Best greetings,Jeannette

Jeannette Buchholz <>

Your site is lovely. I put it on my favorites list .Anna Lee

Anna Lee Yonce <>
Chino Hills,Ca.

I really like all your projects. Excellent quality and workmanship. I inherited the Oriental room box from my mother who was a mini collector also. It came from Franklin Mint, one piece at a time. Keep up the good work!

Marilyn T. <>
Simi Valley, CA

Your dolls are wonderful! I've never seen anything like them. I'll check back with you.

Barbara Trammell <>
Marion, Texas

Oh, Connie, your dolls are exquisite- breathtakingly beautiful. I will be saving up for Brooke on her horse! Congratulations! Ronni

Ronni Wetherall <>
LaQuinta, California

Hi Connie, I found your site by accident and I'm real happy I did. One word springs to mind. Brilliant. Have put you in my favourites. mini hugs Pam (from Bacup, England)

Pam Burns <>

Hi I like ur site i got a pic of one of ur dolls for my book report

Anna <>

You have great talent. You bring the faces of your dolls to life. Anytime your dad wants to built a house for me let me know.....Because of Jesus,Debbie Gateley

Debbie Gateley <>
Colorado Springs

You have such great talents! I think your dolls are some of the best I have seen so far. At first when I saw them, I thought the dolls are of bigger sizes. But then, after I read the writings on your site, I found they are of 1/12" scale! You are really talented to have made them with such facial expressions especially when they are so very small. I wish it needn't have to take 1 year for your dolls to be made after ordering. I am very keen in getting Laura Ingles and Anne with the SAtchel. Pls let me know if the time to make them can be reduced? THanks!

Shirley So <>
Hong Kong

Hi Connie, I love your site, it is beautifully done. I am happy to say I have three of your dolls. I am looking forward to getting another one. Joan

Joan T. Salute <ISheba@Webtv.Net>

my lord, you´re good.....I wish I had your skill! Amazing dolls, as I am swedish Pippi especially caught my eye....

monica <>

Connie,Your dolls are amazing, and your website is beautiful!!! My favorite is your "Scarlett Portrait" - breathtaking!!! I can only hope you will give a class near me one of these days.....Paris is beautiful in all seasons (hint hint!)

Whui - GSOLFOT <>
Paris, France

From one miniaturist to another, your work is beautiful.

Peter Cook <>
Chichester UK

Loved looking through your past projects. Unbelievable! I had to keep checking and making sure that you did not live near me cause then you would be my NEW BEST FRIEND!!!!!! How wonderful to have a dad that can make those incrediable boxes and containers. You are one talented lady!!!!!!!!


Just found yourweb site. I have found so many miniature doll sites but your dolls are by far the most exquisite I have seen. i would love to know where you get your doll kits.

Claire Burbidge <>
United Kingdom

I have a miniture doll house that my dad built for me almost 25 years ago. It is totally furnished, but I have never been happy with the dolls I've seen. Yours are incredible. I will definitely keep track of your site!

Christine Antonelli <>
Auburn CA USA

Wonderful doll's!I will be back to buy as many as I can save for!!They are the most beutiful face,s clothing to die for and you have given us the impossible,goodlooking men doll,s!Keep up your special work. Thank you,sincerly Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans <>

You have the most incredible dolls! and the BEST Scarlett & Rhett I have ever seen!

Marsha <>
Newark, CA

Connie--your dolls are some of the best I've seen, both dolls and costumes are unbelievable in detail. SUSAN

Susan <>

Connie, Your site is wonderful!! I can get a "mini fix" whenever I want.Fun, fun!Regards, Mary Graddy

Mary Graddy <>
Rochester MN 55906

As a miniature porcelain doll maker myself I apprecitate attention to detail and quality workmenship, your dolls have both. Thanks for sharing. Marilyn

Marilyn Parke <>

Hi Connie & Ken,Your website is outstanding. It will be fun to check in from time to time to see what's new. How are you ever going to have time to work on that terrific dollhouse your dad made and still keep up with doll orders?Linda Orleff

Linda Orleff <>
Rochester MN

Just stopped to see what your dolls were like, I especially enjoy the Scarlet ones. Gone With the wind is my favorite movie. Harry Willmott(my brother) told me about your site.It looks like you have a very quality product.I wish you good luck!

Carol Covrig <>
Brookings, SD 57006

GREAT SITE! Your dolls are all beautiful, as usual. I've always been proud to be your sister.

Renee Sauve <>
Clear Lake, MN

Connie,Your Web site looks beautiful. You do wonderful work.Which one will I get for Christmas this year?Your ever loving mom.

Rosie Sauve
st. cloud, mn.

Hi Connie:You have a winner here! Hope you make a million!

june hart <>
winnipeg, manitoba

Hello Connie (my daughter -in-law), I enjoyed your website very much. Your work is superb. The very best to you. Hazel Feldman

Hazel Feldman <>

Hi Connie. I really like your web site and it was so great to see you in Chicago. I just have to have the ERTE one of these days. All the best, Connie.

Connie Rusk <>
Halifax, Nova Scotia

I'm proud to claim you as my niece , Great web site. I know first hand your work is the best Will visit often. Uncle Paul

Paul S Sauve <>
Green Valley